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Wallbox Sale!

All remaining Wallboxes $50 or less

Pickup only, no shipping

Tons of wallbox parts and counter mounts as well

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AMI 80/120/200 Wallbox Counter Mount

2 in Stock


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Most Include wall mounting bracket

5 in stock


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WRA Wallette

200 select fits JAL and later models

Quantity in Stock

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CGA -CGC Stepper 

Fits all search units with side connector $85

IMG_4054.JPG (359048 bytes)

R84-Early R88 with #8870 CCC $85





SC Consolette 160 Selection Wallboxes

Used with LPC-1 thru LS-2 Models

IMG_5046.JPG (23146 bytes)  IMG_5048.JPG (25433 bytes)  IMG_5703.JPG (82991 bytes)  IMG_5712.JPG (110888 bytes)


Stepper Units for Supporting wallboxes

IMG_4059.JPG (330106 bytes)

RCSU 4 / 5 $75

Fits LPC-1 & LPC-480

IMG_4060.JPG (333250 bytes)

SSU 2/3 $85

Fits PFEA & SS160

IMG_4061.JPG (160526 bytes)

SSU4 fits LS1& LS2  $85

IMG_4056.JPG (280144 bytes)  IMG_4057.JPG (285588 bytes)

SRTI fits LS-3 thru STD-4 $90

Permits use of SC wallbox on Gary box machines 


For use with 3W1, 3W100 & 3WA series $35

IMG_3895.JPG (126518 bytes)


Use with SC wallbox $35

IMG_3894.JPG (260971 bytes)

PSS1 $35



DEC "Digital Electronic Consolette"

Used with LS-3 thru STD-4 models

DCP01981.JPG (31494 bytes)  IMG_5786.JPG (112054 bytes)

Available in various finishes


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