JukeboxParts.com has now closed it doors






Our Final Sale is Taking Place


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What's Happening? I am retiring from the used parts business.

What about Needles4Jukeboxes.com? Needles4Jukeboxes is open for daily mail order business, I will continue to own, operate and expand that division

What's for sale? Everything! You can buy a few items or the entire business turn-key and move it or continue on site

What are your sale hours? Thursday May 25th 10-12

Are you still checking and selling small parts orders via email? The sale is a cash and carry event, no email parts orders will be handled from this point on.  Please do not send email parts requests

All sales are final, no returns/exchanges

We are closing Thursday May 25th


 Visit my other sites: Needles4jukeboxes.com,Needles4turntables.com